@ IBEAM ~ Saturday, April 18, 8:30 & 9:30PM

04.18.15| -

Brooklyn, NY US

Old & New : Circles and Lines 8:30PM MINTZ / CARTER / ROSENBLOOM Daniel Carter – Horns & Reeds Mara Rosenbloom – Piano Billy Mintz – Drums 9:30PM ATTIAS / CONLY / MINTZ / ROSENBLOOM Michael Attias – Alto Saxophone Mara Rosenbloom – Piano Sean Conly – Bass Billy Mintz – Drums Mara Rosenbloom brings together two different groups of folks, for a set each, of improvised music. The music will bring together a combination of old friends & first time collaborations, balancing the unexpected and familiar. “Melody may be what brings us together,” says Mara.


168 7th Street (btwn 3rd & 2nd Aves) BROOKLYN F/G/R to 4th ave/9th st